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Adult Alphabetter Workshops

Adult Alphabetter Workshops apply leading practices of adult learning environments to ensure that you experience effective activities with optimal results.


Messy handwriting or poor spelling? We've got your back.

ESL or EFL student? Get the foundation you need to succeed.

 PRICE: $199

Level One
Learning Warm Ups & Master the Alphabet | 2 days | 10 hours total
Don't let the fancy title fool you--not only does this workshop start your journey to English mastery and success, it is also our famous Messy Handwriting Workshop.
In a matter of hours your brain, imagination and hands will work together to create the letters you have always wanted to make!



The guaranteed outcome of this two-day workshop is accurate, neat handwriting. 


It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


1 Personal baseline assessments –You will literally see how your natural creativity is contributing to your handwriting challenge, and set personal goals for the workshop.

(Note: When administered privately, this assessment has a value of $150.)


2 Motor skill mastery—Activities activate your mind, body and imagination to prepare you to maximize learning mastery tools.


3 Our specially-designed hands-on activities help you develop important foundational literacy skills with ease.


The result: Messy handwriting will be a thing of the past as your brain, imagination, and hands work together to create accurate, neat printing!


Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your progress after this workshop, you can repeat an entire workshop for free!



 PRICE: $99

Level Two
Spelling | 1 day | 5 hours
Now that your handwriting is accurate and legible, we use your new alphabet skills to show you how to be nimble with bigger symbols--also known as words!
In fact, the 26-letter word that you mastered in Level One (forward and backward, remember) will be the longest word you will ever need to know in English. Good job!
Not only do we look at commonly mis-spelled words, we invite you to bring your own list of personal un-favourites--so we can all master them together!



  PRICE: $99  

PRICE: $99

PRICE: $99

PRICE: $99

Level Three
Punctuation | 1 day | 5 hours
Those funny little marks on the page are not there to confuse you; they are actually the messages writers and readers give each other to play the "rules" of the writing game. Plus, we have a song about them...
You will also see how in today's world of digital expression, there is latitude for using puctuation to reflect your style and taste--kind of like your personal writing fashion statement!
Level Four
Dictionary Skills| 1 day | 5 hours
It's time to become even more symbol nimble!
In this workshop you explore the three parts of every word:
how it looks,
how it sounds, and
what it means.
Who knows? This may even trigger a new fondness for weird words. At the very least, we invite you to contribute to our Symbol Nimble Hall of Fame--where creativity rules!
Level Five
Reading | 1 day | 5 hours
This level shows you how to read and write in a new way--with your mind, your imagination, and every cell in your body!
By thinking AND feeling your way through words and sentences, English will be easier and more enjoyable to read and write. 


Level Six
Math Prep Plus| 1 day | 5 hours
This workshop covers abstract concepts that will impact your life in many ways.
Not only do you develop an understanding of
change and
consequence (plus many other important concepts),
you also create a foundation for seeing mathematics in new ways.




PRICE: $199

Level Seven
Arithmetic Basics| 2 days | 10 hours
Whether you have always loved math, or run from numbers whenever you can, this workshop will open your eyes to master the four basic arithmetical functions--addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in new ways that you will never forget.


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