Alphabetter Dysgraphia Solution  

Does your child struggle with any of the following:
  • Messy writing,
  • Poor spelling,
  • Slow reading,  
  • Trouble turning thoughts into writing,
  • Trouble turning thoughts into spoken word, or
  • Inconsistent focus?
Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to apply Alphabetter Learning Strategies so that in just 8 weeks your child will have neat printing, focusing skills that work and increased confidence toward lessons and learning.

What's included?




Start with the science of learning

Message to brain: Get ready! Here comes learning!

Training 1: Goal Setting will Never be the Same:

Establish at least one new routine or habit based on your family goals.

Training 2: Your Foundation has Cracks!:

Discover little known learning blocks as we bust myths about learning differences.

Training 3: Dis-order Discovery:

Put on your sleuth cap to find the gaps that are keeping your child's literacy out of order.

Training 4: Breathe, breathe and breathe some more:

Learn three breathing techniques to transform learning.

Training 5: Tuning in:

Learn to assess and adjust your energy level to meet the needs of any situation.

Training 6: Your Attention Please:

Play with new fail-proof focusing techniques that work.

Training 7: Exercise Your Access to Genius:

Let the science of movement guide your body to increased learning capacity.


BE ALPHABETTER (weeks 3-5)

Hands-on letter certainty

Let the transformation begin!

You've prepared for the adventure.
Now it's time to achieve your Mission of
neat printing, fail-proof focus and
confidence to step into your optimal future!
Let's get into Alphabetter Order.
If you think that reciting the "Alphabet Song"
is all you need to know about your ABC's,
prepare to be surprised! 
And by the way, how would you feel about picture perfect printing at will?

This is when it starts to happen.




HAPPIOUS FOR LIFE! (weeks 6-8)

An immersion in positive psychology


It's true! The transformation is real!

Merge your new learning skills with your new alphabet  to shift your stories about limitations into experiences of renewed focus, curiosity and confidence.  


Bringing it home

Our scientifically designed journals deliver a 21-day immersion into everything you've learned to support your lifelong learning success.

Training 1: What’s Happiness Got to Do With It?:

Be surprised by the science of happiness.

Training 2: Gratitude's the best attitude:

This is a superpower worth turning into a habit.

Training 3: Miracles abound:

Use savouring to sweeten your life.

Training 4: Pay attention to your focus:

Mind your fullness for increased joy.

Training 5: Grow closer and smarter  with kindness:

Learn ways to bond with family and friends--and get smarter at the same time!









Final live coaching sessions to complete the adventure to Mission Accomplished.


GET READY: Celebratory Show and Tell Event!  

Homework Help
Doing Homework
Dad Lessons


Plus: LIVE virtual coaching events and recordings

Mark your calendar for 5 PM EST each Friday during  ADS.  (Session time subject to change and will be recorded and available in your dashboard.)


When does it start?

The next session begins September 17, 2021 for 8 weeks. 


During each event there will be time for Q&A of pre-submitted questions in addition to demos of brain boosting actions and mindfulness activities for a thriving family life.

Community is one of the best parts:

One of the greatest gifts of the internet is the ability to connect with others who are facing the same challenges we are and share our creativity, exploration, humour and growth.

There will be opportunities to connect with fellow parents in our private Facebook group, and in the CHAT during each LIVE event. You are not alone!


PLUS Our "Show us what you've got" sessions give everyone a chance to display their success!

What's included for each registered person:


  • Weekly live coaching sessions--10 in total

  • Scientifically guided journey to alphabet re-learning

  • Access to live Letter Dis-order Assess-a-thon where Diane will

       assess submitted alphabet samples 

  • Fail-proof Focus training 

  • Brain and Body Balance training 

  • Specially-designed integration manual 

  • Alphabetter proprietary kits 


What's the investment?

Family (2 members: one adult, one child)             $997 US

Additional members  (highly recommended!)        197 US

We love community! Contact us for group offers

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in ADS?

- An 8-week scientifically proven structure - 8 weekly and two bonus LIVE coaching group sessions with Diane - Custom-designed integration journals for adults and children - Materials kits that are exclusive to ADS - A supportive online parenting community - 3 bonus downloadable success guides - Other surprises...

Is this a course for everyone?

If you are a parent of school-aged children and you have seen that your child has literacy-related issues and are looking for solutions, then this is the place for you! We not only discover a significant root cause of your child's challenges, we resolve it in just 8 weeks! Plus, we all have challenges and can support each other with our voices to share and stories to tell. This course is for any parent who is ready to explore and committed to taking the adventure with their child to Mission Accomplished of neat printing, focusing skills that work, and increased confidence toward learning.

Do I need to be home schooling to join?

The AFA is not just for home schoolers--and home schoolers are most welcome! You’ve lived through lockdowns and school closures. You’ve also had a closer look at your child’s learning and attention skills while they’ve been home for schooling with you. You may have questions, fears or doubts about the future of education. You want to know how to best support your child(ren). That's more than enough to qualify for this adventure!

When will the LIVE coaching sessions take place?

Weekly coaching occurs each Wednesday, from noon-1 pm EST during your AFA. Bonus sessions will be scheduled once the makeup (and location/time zone) of the group is known.

Will the LIVE coaching sessions with Diane be recorded?

Yes. If you aren’t able to watch LIVE, you can watch the recordings later. It’s all about working flexibly with your schedule. If you have any questions you can submit them in advance, so even if you aren’t able to watch LIVE, you can still ask a question.

How much time will ADS require?

Put in as little or as much time as you want. The live sessions are 60 minutes (Friday only). You'll have actions to practice and skills to grow with your child. As with life, the more you put into the adventure, the greater the result. Weeks 1-2 will require 2-3 hours per week. Weeks 3-5 will require at least 4 hours each week to achieve the mastery goal and writing results. Weeks 6-8 The only other consistent assignment is to fill out the daily journal of your actions. Some people can complete the journal in 10 minutes, others may want to spend an hour. Some days may be different than others. If you can devote a few minutes each day to practicing brain boosters and mindfulness, you’ll all benefit from it.

What if I don’t use Facebook, will I miss out on anything?

If you don’t use Facebook, don’t worry. You won’t miss out! There will be opportunities to connect with fellow parents not only in the Facebook group, but also in the CHAT during each LIVE coaching session.

Do I need to attend the webinars with my child?

Yes. Some events will be just for the parents, and some will be for both of you. There will never be trainings that are for children only. That's why it's called "Family Alphabetter Dysgraphia Solution" or "FADS"!

How does the course help engage reluctant learners? (S/he loves to learn but not at home, and especially not with us!)

When a child is living with the stress of feeling inadequate in some way at school, often because they are not successful at all that's being asked of them, home is the place where they seek sanctuary. If the challenging school tasks are being repeated at home, and nothing is changing to increase competence and confidence, resistance is common. Alphabetter Family Adventure is specifically designed to engage the parent as a co-learner--one who is learning new skills and mindset shifts alongside the child. The dynamic is very different from the one in which the parent is the adult/instructor. Parents of reluctant home learners find that if they engage themselves fully in the process and invite the child to join more as a peer, there is a shift in the dynamic. The activities are also very different from common homework tasks, matching natural kinaesthetic skills and feeling logical, relevant and purposeful to life goals, so that learning is more fun.

Does ADS correct dysgraphia or "messy writing"? Can it be corrected? I understand it to be a 'more unique way of being' we adapt to rather than something that needs to be corrected?

I have confidence in the ability of every person to re-learn the letters of the alphabet in a way that supports their ability to produce printing that is in order-- as opposed to the dis-order of dysgraphia. With respect to dysgraphia being "a way of being" it's true that some people have the ability to "bend reality" and see things differently from what we tend to consider to be "objective reality". This tends to interfere with literacy skills, which require a consistent perception point that is frequently different from the creative perception point. It has been my experience that specific grounding and activities re-orient these creative and talented athletes, scientists and artists to be connected to literacy in accurate ways. They don't lose the ability to be creative in their unique ways, but they can choose when to be oriented for literacy success. My own experience of re-learning the alphabet gave me freedom to express my creativity more than I ever had before.

Does ADS help with spelling?

We offer a spelling add-on workshop to apply the Alphabetter strategies to spelling that works well after the letters are mastered. Entry to the workshop requires successful completion of ADS. Students bring their most challenging words and we go through the process of learning them with certainty. In the main course, the process of rfe-learning the letters of the alphabet includes mastering the sequence, both forward and backward. Once that has been achieved I point out to students that now that they have certainty of a 26-letter word, they also have the ability to learn (with ease) every word that has fewer than 26 letters! There's also a punctuation workshop because not enough teachers have the ability to teach punctuation in meaningful ways. There are a variety of activities, including our own Punctuation Rap that is included in the punctuation process for learning.

What if my child only uses cursive writing at school? Will this be confusing and set them back?

If your child has never been taught to use printed letters while writing by hand, this is the time to fill in that gap! Even if we never use a pen and paper (because everything is digital) it's really important to have certainty of the printed letters. After all, that's what you use when reading both digital and analogue books, magazines, sites and networks. If there's any confusion, it's distracting and slowing you down. When speaking with your child's teacher, I would show them the alphabet assessment form and explain that you want your child to resolve their confusion about the printed letters and print their letters for a period of time (rather than use cursive) to fully integrate them. It won't be long before their spelling is solid. That's when cursive could be re-introduced.