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Our vast experience in maximizing learning skills makes us a perfect fit for 21st century companies who wish to create positive and effective corporate cultures.


Our elite learning corporate workshops are tailored to fulfill your team-building and productivity goals. Workshop topics include: enrichment of your entire team's ability to focus better; more compassionate and effective communication skills; and the development of exceptional customer service practices.

  Alphabetter Business Workshops

Personal Development for Professionals

Our Elite Learning Workshops for Professionals are designed to enrich many aspects of daily professional lives. Improved collaboration and communication, stress reduction---plus accessing new ways to learn, unlearn and re-learn anything---are only 4 of numerous outcomes of this powerful 2-day workshop.


Culture of Kindness: workshop Outcome 


Imbedded into every workshop are activities for your employees to experience the impact of being proactively positive and encouraging toward each other, which results in greater empathy and clear communication. Everyone leaves the workshop with energy and enthusiasm to create a happier, more productive work environment.

Training Prep: Maximize your Programs

You are developing employee training programs, but are you sure your staff are ready to gain the full benefit? Our Elite Training Workshops build capacity in your employees to get the most out of your programs with new skills in self-regulation, focus, and teamwork, plus the confidence that comes with alphabet mastery and neat writing!

Alphabetter Workshops Deliver Results!


Not only do participants leave workshops equipped with: better ability to pay attention and focus; happiness that attracts clients and success; and tools to relieve stress and accomplish more, we also provide scientifically developed follow-up materials to reinforce new habits.

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