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Handwriting workshops!

Find out why mastery of the alphabet is a game changer! Whatever your story about messy handwriting, we show you in a matter of hours how to use your brain, imagination and hands to create a lifetime of neat writing -- and know the confidence that comes from achieving a goal. Without boring, tedious repetition. With fun and games.




Alphabetter Workshops are offered by The Learning Force Inc., a company dedicated to building capacity in people of all ages and abilities to thrive.

Strengthen your English and so much more!


Yes, our workshops are about literacy foundation, but we also build focus, attention and communication skills...and tha's just in our warm-up activities!


The illiterate of the 21st century 

  will not be those who cannot 

       read and write

                      They will be those who cannot                                learn, unlearn and  re-learn."


                                                 Alvin Toffler - Futurist



Is Your Child Ready?
Messy Handwriting Poor Spelling
Reading Confusion Attention Problems
Dyslexia or   Math Issues ?

Get to the root of the problem. Master the foundation.

Upcoming Workshops:
The ultimate outcome: confidence in reading and writing, spelling and speaking. 
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