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MBOLDN Learning Strategies  

Multi-generational 6-week experience 


"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write.

   They will be those who cannot learn, unlearn and re-learn."

                                                               ---Alvin Toffler, American author and futurist



Does  someone you care about find learning difficult, frustrating or boring? 

Do they have any of these issues?

  • lack of focus

  • messy writing

  • poor spelling

  • slow reading

  • trouble putting thoughts into writing, or

  • trouble putting thoughts into spoken word

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use MBOLDN Learning Strategies-- together--so that, in just 6 weeks, you both have neat printing at will, and at least 20% more focus, confidence and enthusiasm to learn in any circumstance.

How does it work?What's included?


We combine the science of learning with the science of happiness to:

  • grow a positive mindset

  • energize the body, and

  • increase learning capacity



We've got that covered!

Our simple assessment tool quickly identifies gaps--and then we fill them.​ Together.

And here's the best news: our strategies enrich every person's learning ability.

Young or not-so-young, we show you how to maximize your life-long learning success.

Weeks 1-2: LEARNING WARMUPS - prepare the brain to learn and remember better


Training 1: What’s Happiness Got to Do With It?:

Learn what science says about happiness.

Training 2: Your Foundation has Cracks!:

Discover little known learning blocks as we bust myths about learning differences. 

Training 3: Say Hello to Self Worth:

Shift limiting beliefs and increase social and learning success.

Training 4: Exercise Your Access to Genius:

Let the science of movement guide your body to boost learning capacity. 

Training 5: Grow Closer and Smarter:

Learn surprising ways to bond with family and friends--and get smarter at the same time!

Training 6: Your Attention Please:

Choose a daily action to set up focusing practices that work. 

Training 7: Goal Setting will Never be the Same:

Establish at least one new routine or habit based on your learning and happiness goals.

ALPHABETTER MASTERY WEEKEND 4 hours each Saturday/Sunday between weeks 2/3

(Alternative: 4 2-hour Family Mastery Sessions during week 3--available only to some Resilience Masterclass cohorts)

Let the Transformation Begin!

Enough information, it's time to create new habits and

achieve your Mission of increased confidence and

resilience by at least 20%.

Unlearn and re-learn something you've probably been using your whole life: the English Alphabet! Advanced training in various fields--sports, dance, music, and art return to the basics to reach the highest levels of achievement, and so do we! If you think that reciting the "Alphabet Song" is all you need to know about your ABC's, prepare to be surprised!

And by the way, how would you feel about having neat printing at will?

It happens now.


Master your new fundamental learning skills and shift your stories about  limitations into 



Bringing it home

Revisit happiness with an MLS twist as we put it all

together and bring your learning to life!

Final live coaching sessions to reach Mission Accomplished.

Celebratory Show and Tell Event! 


Happy Senior Couple
Happy family
Family Portrait

Plus: LIVE virtual lessons, coaching events, bonuses and recordings

Mark your calendar for 11 AM EST each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during  LSM.


During each event there will be time for Q&A of pre-submitted questions in addition to demos of brain boosting actions and mindfulness activities to bring you closer to mission accomplished.

When does it start?

This special session begins February 22, 2021, for 6 weeks.

Community is one of the best parts:

You spend a lot of time learning online alone. Many of us report feeling lonely and isolated. Now it's time to feel the community of other students in our private Facebook group to share stories, wins and challenges-- as well as in the CHAT during each LIVE event.

You are not alone!

What's Included for each participant:

  • Live Alphabetter 2-day Training (Value $1297)

  • 6 weeks of scientifically guided journey to Mastery (Value $697)

  • Premiere version of Diane's new e-book:"Dear Genius Your Letter Dis-Order is Showing! Great news about messy writing, poor spelling, slow reading, and struggles putting thoughts into written or spoken language" (Value $21.95)

  • Access to live Letter Dis-order Detective Coach-a-thon where Diane will assess submitted alphabet samples (Value $197 if you hire Diane for a private assessment)

  • Live Fail-proof Focus training (Value $197)

  • Live Brain and Body Balance training (Value $197)

  • Specially-designed integration manual pdf (Value $47)

  • Alphabetter proprietary kits (Value $97 each)

  TOTAL value per person: $2751 X 6 for RM Families: $16,506

   Plus 3 60-minute Private coaching sessions with Diane (Value: $1425)


    TOTAL Value of Resilience Masterclass: $17,931


  • PLUS For the first 10 Families to register before February 12, 2021:

       Live Spelling and Punctuation training (Value $297) available after RM ends

What's the investment?

Regular Price $6997 US--->Exclusive Launch Price for First 10 Families: $1997 US

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