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Are you a parent who dreads report cards, parent/teacher interviews,
or calls from the school? 
Do you hope that things will get better every year but watch as your child
falls further behind academically and socially?
Does your child struggle with any of the following:
  • Messy writing,
  • Poor spelling,
  • Slow reading,  
  • Trouble turning thoughts into writing,
  • Trouble turning thoughts into spoken word, or
  • Inconsistent focus?
If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you're in the right place!
Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the Wild Alphabet Family Adventure so that in just 8 weeks your child will have legible printing, focusing skills that work and increased confidence toward lessons, assignments and tests.

What's included?



LEARNING WARMUPS ---Re-wire your brain for success (weeks 1-2)

7 Steps to close the gap and get to where you want to be

Message to brain: Get ready! Here comes learning!

Training 1: Tune in to being turned on for success:

Learn 3 surprising techniques to unlock great results.

Training 2: Busting learning and literacy myths:

Use these truths to re-write your story.

Training 3: Closing the gap

See where you are and where you want to go.

Training 4: Energize your learning🌬️

A little known secret gateway to accelerated learning.

Training 5: Focus like a laser

Release distraction once and for all.

Training 6: Choose Your Energy Levels

Play with new fail-proof success techniques that work.

Training 7: Exercise Your Access to Genius

Take the last step to laser focus.



Re-learn the 26 letters you need to say anything

Let the transformation begin!

You've prepared for the adventure.
Now it's time to achieve your Mission of
neat printing, fail-proof focus and
confidence to step into your optimal future!
Let's get into Alphabet Re-Order.
If you think that reciting the "Alphabet Song"
is all you need to know about your ABC's,
prepare to be surprised! 
And by the way, how would you feel about picture perfect printing at will?

This is when it starts to happen.





Put your new skills to use


It's true! The transformation is real!

Merge your new learning skills with your new alphabet  to shift your stories about limitations into experiences of renewed focus, curiosity and confidence.  


Bringing it home

Our scientifically designed journals deliver a 21-day immersion into everything you've learned so far to support your lifelong learning success.

Training 1: What's happiness got to do with it?

Be surprised by the science of happiness.

Training 2: Use an attitude of gratitude to feel great and boost your brain

Gratitude is a superpower worth turning into a habit.

Training 3: Follow Einstein and find the miracles around you every day

Use savouring to sweeten your life.

Training 4: Take your laser focus superpower to the next level

Use your focus to feel better and learn even more!

Training 5: Multiply kindness and boost your brain

Discover the triple ROI of simple acts.

Training 6: Action 3: Exercise your way to high performance learning

Move it so you never lose it!









Final live coaching sessions complete the adventure to Mission Accomplished.


GET READY: Celebratory Show and Tell Event!  

Homework Help
Doing Homework
Dad Lessons


Plus: LIVE virtual coaching events and recordings

Mark your calendar for 5 PM EST each Friday during MBOLDN FAMILY.  (Session time subject to change and will be recorded and available in your dashboard.)


When does it start?

The next session begins  January 30, 2023 for 8 weeks. 


During each event there will be time for Q&A of pre-submitted questions in addition to demos of brain boosting actions and mindfulness activities for a thriving family life.

Community is one of the best parts:

One of the greatest gifts of the internet is the ability to connect with others who are facing the same challenges we are and share our creativity, exploration, humour and growth.

There will be opportunities to connect with fellow parent adventurers in our private discussion threads (accessible from your dashboards), and in the CHAT during each LIVE coaching session. You are not alone!


PLUS Our "Show us what you've got" sessions give everyone a chance to display their success!

What's included for each registered person:


  • 8 Weekly live coaching sessions 

  • Scientifically guided journey to alphabet re-learning

  • Access to a live Letter Dis-order Assess-a-thon where Diane will

       guide pre-adventure assessments 

  • Fail-proof Focus training 

  • Brain and Body Balance training 

  • Specially-designed Adventure Trail Journal 

  • Wild Alphabet Adventure proprietary kits 


What's the investment?

Family (course registration)             $1197 US for 8 weeks  

Per person account and kit fee       $197 US per person

We love community! Contact us for group offers

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