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Multi-generational 8-week experience 
Are you a parent who dreads report cards, parent/teacher interviews, or calls from the school? Do you hope that things will get better every year but watch as your child falls further behind academically and  socially?
Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use MBOLDN Learning Strategies as a family or group so that, in just 8 weeks, every person feels more focused and confident as a successful and engaged learner.

What's included?
Weeks 1-2: Section 1
LEARNING WARMUPS - prepare the brain to learn and recall better
Training 1: Goal Setting will Never be the Same:
Choose three action targets based on your learning and happiness goals
Training 2: Your Foundation has Cracks!:
Discover little known learning blocks as we bust myths about learning differences. 
Training 3: Say Hello to Self Worth:
Shift limiting beliefs to confidently achieve social and learning success.
Training 4: Breathe, breathe and breathe some more:
Learn three ways to use your breath to transform learning.
Training 5: Tuning in:
Learn to assess and adjust your energy level to meet the needs of any situation.
Training 6: Exercise Your Access to Genius:
Let the science of movement guide your body to increased learning capacity. 
Training 7: Your Attention Please:
Choose a daily action to set up focusing habits that work.goals.

Weeks 3-5: Section 2

Let the Transformation Begin!
Enough information, let's reveal your genius
--one letter at a time.

Immerse yourself in the unlearning and re-learning of something you've probably been using your whole life: the English Alphabet! Advanced training in various fields--sports, dance, music, art, If you think that reciting the "Alphabet Song" is all you need to know about your ABC's, prepare to be surprised!
And by the way, how would you feel about having picture perfect printing at will?
It happens now.

Weeks 6-8: Section 3

Master your new fundamental learning skills and shift your stories about  limitations into experiences of renewed focus and  confidence.  
Bringing it home
Our scientifically designed journals take you through
a 21-day immersion in applying everything you've
learned to support your lifelong learning success.
Training 1: What’s Happiness Got to Do With It?:
Be surprised by the science of happiness.
Training 2: Gratitude's the best attitude:
This is a superpower worth turning into a habit.
Training 3: Miracles abound:
Use savouring to sweeten your life.
Training 4: Pay attention to your focus:
Mind your fullness for increased joy.
Training 5: Grow Closer and Smarter:
Learn ways to bond with family and friends--and get smarter at the same time!

Plus final live coaching sessions to reach Mission Accomplished.
Complete with a celebratory Show and Tell Event! 

Happy Senior Couple
Photo UCAlphabet.jpg
Family Portrait

LIVE virtual lessons, coaching events, bonuses and recordings

Mark your calendar for 6 pm ET (may change according to group preference)

each Monday during  AFA.


During each event there will be time for Q&A of pre-submitted questions in addition to demos of brain boosting actions and mindfulness activities to bring you closer to mission accomplished.

When does it start?

The next session begins July 26, 2021, for 8 weeks.

PLUS: Community is one of the best parts:

You spend a lot of time learning online alone. Now it's time to feel the community of other students in our private Facebook group to share stories, wins and challenges-- as well as in the CHAT during each LIVE event.

You are not alone!

What's the investment?

We love community! Check out these group offers:

Family (2 members, one adult, one child):             $997 US

Additional members                                                    197 US  

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