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We believe that every person matters to the world and are using education as the platform for our message. Our ultimate goal is to build capacity in every person to create a world that works for everyone. Our tools are designed to cause the following shifts to the world of education:


  • from isolation to interdependence

  • from reaction to conscious creation

  • from surface solutions to full-spectrum measurable results


We must think anew and act anew

The first assumption we must re-examine is the purpose of education. We have learned that ideal educational reform prepares students to contribute in meaningful ways to the world. The purpose of education must therefore be to help students discover what makes them come alive, and support them in revealing everything they require to fully express themselves.


It takes a planet to raise a person

A rich educational experience cannot focus simply on intellectual development; it involves more, much more. It demands more than personal development, and more than educationg the "mind body and spirit" of which many holistic educators speak. Rich education includes the whole world, because the 21st century is defined by a global economy, global awareness, global communication, and global challenges.

beingstalk: the platform

Alphabetter Workshops are just the tip of our iceberg. We also have apps to give you ways to practice your literacy skills, feel happy, and add your unique voice to a world of technological advances and global innovation. All workshop participants are invited to join us on the beingstalk--we look forward to seeing you there!

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