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  • Diane Devenyi LLB, MEd

The Power of Yet--What does it mean to you?


The power of positive belief about one's ability to evolve and achieve new and greater goals is at the core of the best intellectual and emotional growth practices. Carol Dwek's TED talk about the subject is one that could not have happened 30 years ago.

As a young mother in the 1980's I was given a book (written by a psychologist) that said that if I did not make sure that my child's brain was fully prepared for greatness by the time he was three, all would be lost. I panicked as I worried whether I was up for the task, and whether I had already wasted precious time. Fortunately, two things occurred that eventually brought me peace: I could see how bright, curious and active my son was; and science eventually recognized that every brain has the potential to show "neuroplasticity" --even adult brains.

Neuroplasticity --or the ability of the brain to grow new connections in response to various circumstances-- is great news for parents, educators, businesses and Baby Boomers. For each one of us, it is never too late to improve, learn and grow as we create meaningful and joyful lives.

What we --and those around us-- believe about our ability to succeed plays a critical role in our achievements. At MBOLDNeducation our online experiences strive to share the power of "Yet" to drive continuous improvement in our lives.

Join us to experience the best "you" you have ever known!

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