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Students <18 and Families

Student and Family Workshops are designed to help you see yourself as the genius we know you are!


Parents: Whether English is your first, second, or one of many languages, you will come out of these workshops with a new approach to literacy for you and your child(ren).

Level One
Learning Warm Ups plus Master the Alphabet  | 2 days | 10 hours
Don't let the fancy title fool you--this is also our famous Messy Handwriting Workshop. In a matter of hours your brain, imagination and hands will work together to create the letters you have always wanted to make!
Without boring, tedious repetition.
With fun and games.

This two-day workshop has two parts:

1. First, learning warm-ups prepare your body and brain for success.

2. Second, you playfully get to know the English alphabet in a way you have never done before!

The result: a lifetime of accurate, neat handwriting, and the confidence that comes with achieving a goal.



PRICE: $199 

Level Two
Spelling | 1 day | 5 hours
In this workshop we reveal our secret spelling test techniques that will have you knowing how to spell every word both forward and backward with ease. Remember how you mastered a 26-letter word in Level One? (hint: it's called the alphabet) Spelling is now as simple as A,B,C...


PRICE: $99 

Level Three
Punctuation | 1 day | 5 hours
It's time to make sense out of those funny little marks on the page. You call it punctuation;  we call it punctuaction! We have designed so many hands-on activites that the suffix, "action" is only fitting! Not only will you better understand what you read, you may come out of this workshop with some new dance moves, too!
PRICE: $99 
Level Four
Dictionary Distinction|1 day| 5 hours
This workshop shows you how your dictionary can become your ultimate reading and writing friend. Not only will you be able to identify the three parts of every word, you will know how words are invented -- because you will create your own! 
PRICE: $99 
Level Five
Reading | 1 day | 5 hours
In this workshop, reading is a social event. We show you step-by-step how to really enjoy reading as you read out loud and use your imagination in ways that support you and give you confidence. 


PRICE: $99 
Level Six
Math Prep| 1 day | 5 hours
What does literacy have to do with math? Plenty! Even math uses lots of words to explain problems. Also, there are many abstract concepts that impact your understanding of the language known as numeracy. Bonus for parents: you will have a new reason for getting your child(ren) to clean up their rooms!
PRICE: $99 

Level Seven

Basic Arithmetic Operations  | 2 days | 10 hours
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division take on new meanings when you get your hands into the picture! Lots of games, sculpting and fun may turn math into your favourite subject.
PRICE: $199 
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