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we do 

We offer literacy and learning workshops that are proven to be

  • fun

  • effective

  • surprising and

  • inspiring.

We know that you're smart--and we can't wait for you to know it too!


Join us if you are:

  • learning ESL or EFL

  • in school -- any school

  • home-schooled

  • an adult seeking to upgrade your skills

  • a parent who wants to learn to better support your child's learning


Diane Devenyi is a former lawyer who shifted her focus to education when her 3 children were young. Since 1998 she has

  • run pilot projects in schools,

  • earned an MEd degree,

  • founded a summer camp,

  • given workshops for students, parents and teachers, and

  • presented at many educational conferences.

 John Fraser, Director of Education, Peel Region, Retired says:

"In the 15 years that I was Director of Education in Peel, one of the largest school systems in Canada, I encountered many people keenly interested in amending, improving and changing the programs in the public school system. Never in all that time have I encountered a person who is more intelligent, insightful, creative, generous, and with such a commitment to improvement that benefits all, than Diane. With her single minded determination, she not only set out to create improvements but did so with the earnestness that earned her a Masters of Education degree. I know that she carries this spirit to all that she does."

I learned so much more than I thought I would." Chris
I can read and write faster." Matthew         
I feel so much more responsible and ready to handle anything that comes my way." Hashid
School is fun now." Jenna



Loves school...Grades have gone up tremendously." ABOUT Jordan
He now reads for fun." ABOUT Matthew
They both had their best report cards ever." ABOUT Kyle and Emily
He has become a much more confident child, and an asset in the classroom." ABOUT Devon
My son has become a changed child for the better!" ABOUT Tristan




I have been studying English for 11 years. After working with you for such a short time, I now really know the English alphabet for the first time. Thank you!" Soo Kyung
Thank you for giving us new ways to look at life, and achieve our goals and dreams." Bina
I came out with so much new talent, knowledge and energy." Sarah
I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted!" Kumar


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