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Workshop Features

Our workshops consist of one- or two-day workshops with specific goals. Some topics include focus and attention, messy handwriting, ESL mastery, spelling challenges, punctuation and reading comprehension.

We also tailor our workshops for corporate team building and positive communication outcomes.


Our methods apply current research findings about programs that have the best outcomes:

  • Belief in the ability of every person to succeed and be enriched;

  • Hands-on approaches that bring concrete (physical) understanding to abstract concepts;

  • Opportunities for collaborative support and reflection;

  • Fun, engaging activities; and

  • Exercises that serve clear purposes that are meaningful to the participants.


Every Alphabetter Workshop incorporates these important features to maximize the potential of every person.

ESL Students!

All Alphabetter Workshops are designed to boost your English skills. As you master the English letters and punctuation marks, you will be better equipped to benefit from your other ESL classes!

Level One
Learning Warm Ups & Master the Alphabet | 2 days | 10 hours 
Self-regulate attention and energy level
Balance and focus in mind and body
Work well in a team
Master the upper and lower case alphabets
The best practices for focus and balance are introduced as the foundation for all learning. During Learning Warm-ups, you learn to Allow success, use your Breath to prepare for a variety of events (including tests and interviews), and Connect your imagination with your body to maximize learning.
Next, you work both independently and with others to create individual alphabets out of clay. We focus on the letters of the alphabet because they are a point of confusion that is often overlooked in most literacy programs. By knowing with certainty what the letters look like, and their sequence, you are prepared to read and write English with greater ease.


Level One kit (purchase or borrow during the workshop).

Level Two
Spelling | 1 day | 5 hours
Basic dictionary skills
Improved spelling
Get ready to enjoy the fact that English is the craziest language on the planet to spell! First, you apply your new alphabet mastery skills to learn simple techniques for knowing with certainty the spelling of any word; then you play with others as you practice your new skills. You will also practice using a dictionary for looking up words--just in case your online dictionary isn't available! We work with commonly mis-spelled words, and invite you to add your own personal unfavourites!
Level One kit (purchase or borrow), plus a dictionary. Bring your own dictionary, or we will provide one to use free of charge during the workshop.
Level Three
Punctuation | 1 day | 5 hours
Mastery of the punctuation marks.
Improved reading comprehension.
Punctuation will take on new meaning as you understand why we use punctuation, how we use it, and how punctuation can assist your reading and writing. Through sculpting, songs and games, your punctuation power will increase as you find your own punctuation style.
We also revisit printing skills during the punctuation activities--be prepared to be amazed by your new fine-motor skills!
Level One kit (purchase or borrow) plus punctuation worksheets and reference materials. Worksheets and books are free to use during the workshop. 
Level Four
Dictionary Skills| 1 day | 5 hours
Improved reading comprehension.
Improved spelling.
Get ready to use your creativity in full force as you master the three parts of every word: what it means, what is sounds like, and what it looks like. 
By the end of this workshop you will be able to look up words, use a pronunciation guide to sound out words, and make sense of definitions.
Warning: You may end up loving words so much that you will want to keep your dictionary under your pillow!
Materials required:
Level One kit (purchase or borrow), plus a dictionary, which we will provide for use during the workshop. You will have an option to purchase one of the dictionaries at a discounted rate at the end of the workshop. You are also invited to bring your own dictionary so that we can show you how to get the most out if it in your daily life.
Level Five
Reading | 1 day | 5 hours
Improved reading comprehension.
Critical thinking skills.
Creative problem solving skills.


This workshop uses the skills developed in previous workshops to create a simple and effective method for reading and writing. You learn how your mind, body and imagination can combine when reading and writing -- and English feels much easier to comprehend! The process follows a specific sequence so that you feel confident and secure as you progress.

We also review your printed alphabet and check for any lingering confusion. With Alphabetter Workshops you are supported every step of the way. We recognize that you are the only one who knows whether or not you have certainty in the activities, and honour your personal sense of mastery.


Level One kit, plus books and magazines that we provide, as well as any books you may wish to bring.

Level Six
Math Prep| 1 day | 5 hours
Deep understanding of important abstract concepts.
Readiness for numeracy workshop.
This workshop dives deeper at bringing abstract concepts into concrete meaning. You will create and share sculptures and skits as you learn how to develop a richer, internal understanding of English literacy in a fun way! As you review important concepts for life, you will see "change" as a natural and desirable state!
The activities not only provide a foundation for living your life with more clarity, they also prepare you for Level Seven: Basic Arithmetic.


Level Seven
Basic Arithmetic| 2 days |10 hours
Mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
If you have been waiting for the ultimate hands-on experience to resolve your fear or confusion about math, this is it! Numerals take on new meanings and basic arithmetic makes perfect sense. No matter what your age or skill level, you will find that you learn something new--and will never forget your "eureka" moment.
If you find it hard to believe that a two-day workshop can be so powerful, look at all of the preparation you have done before this workshop. And who knew that building literacy skills would help your math? We did, and so will you!
Level One kit, that's it!
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